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on the platinum group metals (PGMs)—and particularly to promote their safe handling— the Science Task Force (STF) of the International Platinum Group Metals Association (IPA) has prepared a new publication: Safe Use of Platinum Group Metals in the Workplace. This Guide has been released as part of a series of continuous improvement

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Platinum group metals (PGMs) are rare precious metals with unique physical properties that are used in diverse industrial applications. Palladium, like gold, silver and platinum, is a precious metal, as well as one of the six PGMs, which also include platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium.

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But there's so much more to platinum group metals than this. That's why, in this blog, we take a look at the applications of PGMs that aren't as common as you might expect. 1. Treating cancer. In certain chemical forms, platinum has the ability to slow or stop the division of living cells.

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Platinum is an extremely rare metal, occurring at a concentration of only 0.005 ppm in Earth's crust. It is sometimes mistaken for silver. Platinum is often found chemically uncombined as native platinum and as alloy with the other platinum-group metals and iron mostly.

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Aug 17, 2017· for 550 parts pure platinum, 350 parts palladium and 50 parts iridum; The FTC is currently considering a request to allow manufacturers to mark jewelry as platinum even if it contains metals that are not part of the platinum group. The Platinum Group of Metals. Acceptable alloys that are used with platinum are grouped together.

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Platinum group metals are also components of many autocatalysts, converting car exhaust gases in to less harmful substance. And our fascination with platinum as a rare and robust metal continues. The term 'platinum blond' came about in the 1930's when actresses with platinum jewellery were the stars of newly invented talking pictures.

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Platinum Group Metals Ltd. is a mining company focused on the production of platinum and palladium. Our projects are located in the Bushveld Complex in South Africa, surrounded by 70% of the world's platinum production.

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The anomalous platinum group element geochemistry of the ejecta horizon suggests that the impactor was an asteroid.: Its focus is on gold but its portfolio also includes projects with potential for platinum group metals, copper, silver and base metals.: Rhodium can be classified as a transition metal, a member of the platinum group of metals, and as a precious metal.

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Dec 10, 2018· The platinum group metals (PGMs) are six transitional metal elements that are chemically, physically, and anatomically similar. The PGMs are the densest known metal elements. Exceptionally rare, the six metals naturally occur in the same ore bodies. They are highly durable and, due to their high value, often recycled, giving them long life cycles.

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Companies in the Platinum portfolio span diverse industries with a consistent throughline: creating value by unlocking potential. We specialize in acquiring operationally complex businesses, finding undiscovered opportunity, and creating value.

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The weekly editions of Engineering News and Mining Weekly will be posted to your preferred postal address. Gain online access to: Project Browser - providing an overview of latest developments and ...

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Get this from a library! Platinum group metals use in the world auto industry : effects of tougher tailpipe emission standards. [Marc Humphries; Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.]

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Platinum bullion has the ISO currency code of XPT. Platinum is a commodity with a value that fluctuates according to market forces. As of February 2010, platinum was worth on average US $1540 per troy ounce or approximately US $44 per gram. Platinum is in the Group 10 of the periodic table of elements.

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Platinum group: Platinum group, six metals, in order of increasing atomic weight, ruthenium (Ru), rhodium (Rh), palladium (Pd), osmium (Os), iridium (Ir), and platinum (Pt). The elements all possess a silvery white colour—except osmium, which is bluish white. The chemical behaviour of these metals is …

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Platinum Planner is an online scheduling and skill tracking program for EMS, Nursing & Allied Health professions. It is designed to bring students, teachers, preceptors, schools and clinical sites together for hands on training.

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Applications Applications. The platinum group metals are used in a wide variety of industries. This section describes many of the major uses of platinum group metals and their unique properties. Autocatalyst. A pollution control device fitted to cars and trucks, the catalytic converter (autocatalyst) is the largest application of platinum group ...

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Details of the occurrence of the platinum group metals (PGM) in the Earth's crust and the composition of the principal minerals are presented along with data on supply and demand of PGM in different fields. Trace level determination of the PGM requires preconcentration. Methods such as fire assay, chlorination, ion exchange, etc., are dealt with.

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Jan 31, 2011· Development of Platinum-Group-Metal Superalloys for High-Temperature Use - Volume 28 Issue 9 - L. A. Cornish, B. Fischer, R. Völkl. Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites.

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Platinum is a chemical element with symbol Pt and atomic number 78. It is a dense, malleable, ductile, highly unreactive, precious, silverish-white transition metal. Its name is derived from the Spanish term platino, meaning "little silver". Platinum is a member of the platinum group of elements and group 10 of the periodic table of elements.

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Platinum is also used as a catalyst in the production of sulfuric acid (H 2 SO 4) and in the cracking of petroleum products. Fuel cells, devices that combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity and water, also use platinum as a catalyst. Estimated Crustal Abundance: 5×10-3 milligrams per kilogram. Estimated Oceanic Abundance: Not Applicable

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The platinum-group metals (abbreviated as the PGMs; alternatively, the platinoids, platinides, platidises, platinum group, platinum metals, platinum family or platinum-group elements (PGEs)) are six noble, precious metallic elements clustered together in the periodic table.These elements are all transition metals in the d-block (groups 8, 9, and 10, periods 5, 6 and 7).

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Platinum group elements (PGEs) face a very different problem than that of other strategic metals. Despite the fact that the Bushveld Complex mine in South Africa has the resources to supply world demands for platinum for the next century, miners' strikes complicate the economic stability of PGEs.

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May 15, 2019· Platinum group metals miner Tharisa is expanding into Zimbabwe with a drilling programme that could deliver results early next year and develop the company's exposure to …

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The base metal in the ingot will start to dissolve and the platinum group metals will convert into platinum group chlorides. Once the ingot finishes disintegrating (which takes about one hour per ounce) use water to rinse the platinum group chloride you made. Dissolve them in ammonia and add a selective precipitant for platinum group metals.

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Industrial. Nitric Acid. Platinum-based catalysts have been used in the commercial manufacture of nitric acid, a key ingredient of fertilisers, for over a century.... Silicones. In the chemical processing sector, platinum compounds are added to speciality silicones to achieve the properties required in use....

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An alloy of the platinum group metals (PGMs), which includes platinum, was used to decorate the Casket of Thebes, an Egyptian tomb that dates back to about 700BC. This is the earliest known use of platinum, although pre-Columbian South Americans also made ornaments from gold and platinum …

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May 20, 2011· Among the implications of this growth trend is increased use of platinum in medical technology. Since the early 1970s, platinum has been used internationally in a variety of medical devices to treat ailments such as heart disease, stroke, neurological disorders, chronic pain, and other life-threatening conditions.

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PLATINUM (REVISED) Note: This article, originally published in 1998, was updated in 2006 for the eBook edition. Overview. Platinum is a transition metal in Group 10 (VIIIB) of the periodic table.The periodic table is a chart that shows how chemical elements are related to each other. Platinum is also a member of a group of metals named after itself.

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The platinum group metals (pgms) are characterised by their high melting points and resistance to corrosion. The glass industry most commonly uses platinum, platinum-rhodium alloys and, recently, iridium. These protect a variety of components and ceramic substrates used in glass manufacture from erosion by molten glass, including thermocouples, furnace and forehearth parts.